EPA Vermont

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EPA – which includes information on asbestos, clean-up, Lead, Mold, etc.

Lead Paint

Consumer Safety & Recalls from swimming pools to items in the home

Polybutylene Plumbing in Homes

Federal Pacific Panels – Fires waiting to happen, debate waiting to be ended .

Artesian Well Heads, Vermont Well Drillers Rules,
Well heads are required to be at least 18″ above the ground. see page 137 & 138,

Building Contacts

We are not responsible for the results of contacting the following contacts.


Gonyaw Builders, Randy Gonyaw @ 802-272-0387
Joe Lajeunesse  802-479-2333


Roux Electric: 802-485-6548
Dexter Electric: 802-476-6722

Flooring: Morrison & Clark 802-479-5572

Gutters: Mario Verdon 802-476-3331

Lawyers:  Wendell Rose 802-479-0750
Gilbert T. Normand 802-223-5227

Masonry Repair: Bob’s Masonry 802-454-1134

Plumbing:  Murray Plumbing   802-479-5662
Berkeley Plumbing  802-249-7101

Roofing:   Ed’s Roofing: 802-223-5950
Twin State Standing Seam: 802-763-2614
Black Ox Roofing: 802-424-1914

Septic Services: Dimmick Septic Services 888-224-3426
Hartigan Company 802-253-8324

Insulation: Bugbee Insulation; 802-899-2112
Kevin DuPont; 802-426-3640

Water Treatment:
Clear Water Filtration   http://clearwaterfiltration.com/      802-496-9176
Manosh; 802-888-5722 or toll free: 800-544-7666

Hot Air Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing
Boiler Service and cleaning
Call: Daryl Martin, D Furnace Man@ 802-249-2814

Chimney Cleaning and camera inspections
http://www.chimneyworks.org/     454-1776

J A Griffin Consulting Engineering
Mobile Home Foundation Certified
Waterbury, Vermont 05676